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EasyNto Ziyahlangana: With EasyPay Everywhere, Things Come Together for Grant Recipients

Grant recipients in South Africa depend on the money they receive from SASSA to be able to buy the day-to-day items they need.

Recent events have shown how critical it is that they not only get their grants paid on time every month but that they are also able to access their money quickly and affordably.

EasyPay Everywhere is a financial services provider offering tailored solutions which make this type of easy, cost-effective access to grant money a reality for their customers.

More than that, with EasyPay Everywhere, grant recipients get to ensure that their money helps them make things come together – through safe, easy access to value-added products such as loans and insurance solutions.

Easynto Ziyahlangana is EasyPay Everywhere’s expression of the Zulu phrase ‘izinto ziyahlangana’, which means ‘things come together’.

By changing ‘izinto’ to ‘easynto,’ it becomes a promise from EasyPay Everywhere, that their easy-to-use banking services will make things come together for their customers. This means access to banking, loans and insurance solutions designed specifically with SA’s grant recipients’ needs in mind.

According to Simphiwe Phakathi, Executive Head of Sales and Distribution, the phrase Easynto Ziyahlangana is a commitment which demonstrates that EasyPay Everywhere provides much more than just a banking service; its solutions offer a lifeline for many South Africans everywhere, especially grant recipients. “When we say ‘Easynto Ziyahlangana,’ we are making a promise that goes far beyond words but is a declaration of intent” explains Phakathi, “it’s our commitment to affordable, reliable banking and financial solutions – giving grant recipients across the country hassle-free, reliable access to their grant money on time, every time.” It’s an important and valuable promise for all grant recipients, especially at a time when delays and technical hitches have left so many people waiting much longer than they should have to for their monthly grant payments. Customers are looking for a banking partner they can rely on, and we are here to serve.

EasyPay Everywhere customers can use their EasyPay Everywhere card to quickly withdraw their grant money from any ATM, at participating retailers or simply swipe their card without having to worry about carrying cash. No more standing in long queues to get money on grant day – Easynto Ziyahlangana!

And the Easynto Ziyahlangana promise goes even further, empowering EasyPay Everywhere customers financially by making it quick and easy to apply for loans and insurance solutions.

“Whether it’s extra cash to see you through the month or a loan to get a new device that helps your family stay connected, we support our customers in making things come together in their lives by giving them access to extra funds when they need it” Phakathi explains.

EasyPay Everywhere loans are safe, responsible, affordable, and easy to understand, with various loan options to suit customer needs and offers easy repayment terms. Grant recipient customers can also get access to relevant and affordable insurance solutions, like the EasyPay Everywhere Funeral Cover and our Pensioners Plan, helping them rest easy, knowing that their loved ones are taken care of.

“EasyPay Everywhere is not just another financial services provider,” says Phakathi, “we are a committed financial partner that wants to make a real difference in the lives of people and communities across South Africa. Customers in this market need a financial services partner to help then make things come together and EasyPay Everywhere is here to help – Easynto Ziyahlangana!”

What’s more, being an EasyPay Everywhere customer doesn’t only make it easy to access grant money; it also means customers can benefit from a lot of other useful banking services and solutions to help make life easier and stretch every rand, including app and mobile banking, debit orders, prepaid airtime and electricity purchases, free swipes at till and even free EFT payments.

EasyPay Everywhere represents the only holistic offering which specifically is designed to meet the unique needs of grant recipients, helping them to become active participants in their local economies.

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